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*Because social media works for us too!

Paulie Rose

Paulie Rose
LinkedIn Consultant

Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn to grow you business?

Hi, I'm Paulie Rose. I am passionate about helping small B2B manufacturers use LinkedIn to expand brand awareness and generate more leads.

*Because social media works for us too!

Grow your business on LinkedIn by implementing 3 Foundational Elements

  • Optimize your LinkedIn Personal Profile

  • Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page

  • Connect, have Conversations and Create Content that captures the attention of your ideal customer

About Paulie Rose

Paulie Rose

As a marketer for an aerospace manufacturing company, I have used the power of LinkedIn to help generate leads, increase brand awareness, and drive up sales for our business...and you can too.So many business owners don't believe that social media is able to help their manufacturing business grow. After all, manufacturers have some unique challenges....longer buying cycles, complex purchase processes, multiple decision-makers involved...But they're wrong.No matter the size of your company, the type of products you manufacture, or the marketing budget you have (or don’t have!), developing a presence on Linkedin will help your business grow.It can be overwhelming, confusing, and hard to know where to begin.I know because I've been there too.So let me help! Let me share what I have learned and teach you the strategies and tactics that have worked for me...Because my friends, social media works for us too.

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Paulie Rose

1:1 Consultation Services

The Foundation:
Get Set Up For success

What To Expect…Your 90-minute virtual call will begin with a conversation defining your niche target audience and your unique selling proposition.We will work through the 3 elements needed to build your solid LinkedIn foundation:

  • Optimize your personal profile

  • Review your company page

  • Learn how to connect with potential prospects, begin conversations with your target audience, and to create content that resonates with your ideal customer

Lastly, we will discuss the standard operating procedure you will follow to implement the strategies used to make connections, create content, generate leads, and boost your brand awareness so that you can start growing your business on LinkedIn.Following our call, you will receive:

  • A checklist for optimizing your personal profile

  • A checklist for optimizing your company page

  • A pdf about how to find connections

  • 18 "Request to Connect" templates

  • A list of content prompts

  • A daily, weekly and monthly Standard Operating Procedure


Content Creation 101

This 60 minute virtual call will cover all things content.We will discuss:

  • Various forms of content (video, images, carousels, text, etc.)

  • Tips for creating compelling content

  • Free online tools for content creation

  • Best practices for posting content

What To Expect…You will learn how to create content that will drive engagement, speak to your target audience, and establish your brand as a trusted authority.Following our call, you will receive:

  • A list of prompts you can use to start creating captivating content

  • Copywriting Tips and Tools

  • Copywriting Formulas and Templates

  • Social Media Content Calendar Template

  • A list of free online tools to help create and organize content


Paulie Rose

Join me on LinkedIn and tap into the deep pool of opportunity that is waiting for you!

Paulie Rose